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Let Yourself Go
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Back to Back
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Sing Me a Swing Song
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When I Get Low, I Get High
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  1. Let Yourself Go (Berlin)
    From the 1936 film Follow the Fleet starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Here and among the remaining tracks the horns and drums use various wahs, growls and tom tom rolls - the 'jungle sounds' of early jazz.
  2. All Gods Chillin Got Rhythm/Rhythm (Jurmann-Kahn-Kaper/Wilbur-Daniels)
    Rhythm - the band's middle name. This two tempo medley features a familiar standard annexed to the rarely heard Rhythm from Leo Watson and his Spirits of Rhythm circa 1933. Hep.
  3. Skylark (Mercer-Carmichael)
    One of our favorite ballads and one of Hoagy Carmichael's best. Elizabeth delivers the goods on this one. Sweet solos from Phil and Jack.
  4. Back to Back (Berlin)
    A Glen Miller recording prompted Jack to contribute his arrangement of this Irving Berlin obscurity. It originated in the 1939 film Second Fiddle with Sonja Henie and Tyrone Power.
  5. Seventh Avenue (Power-Higginbotham)
    The 1945 Clyde Hart record that included Charlie Parker and Don Byas inspired our arrangement of this riff tune. We harmonized the original Trummy Young vocal and riffed on from there.
  6. Mood Indigo (Bigard-Mills-Ellington)
    A Duke Ellington classic. Harmony vocals and savvy solos tell the tale. Thanks Mr. E.
  7. Swing Is The Thing (Mercer-Bloom)
    A motto from the early Mills Brothers and our musical philosophy.
  8. When I Get Low, I Get High/Minor Swing (Sunshine/Reinhardt-Grappelly)
    A dichotomous chorus from young Ella Fitzgerald when she sang with Chick Webb's band. Django Reinhardt's Minor Swing appears in the middle to make this a medley. Ho de high.
  9. Sing Me A Swing Song (And Let Me Dance) (Carmichael-Adams)
    Ella and Chick recorded this unusual Hoagy Carmichael composition in 1936. Ella led the orchestra for two years after Chick's death in 1939.
  10. Lullaby of Birdland (Shearing-Forster)
    This George Shearing standard offers a textural change. Bass and voice lead the way and invite the rest of the band to join the fray, one by one. Liz's scat vocal with Jim's muted trumpet complete the mood.
  11. House of Blue Lights (Raye-Slack)
    Swingin' the blues, jump style. Our vocal arrangement is loosely derived from a late 1930's recording by the Andrews Sisters. Eight to the bar, daddy.
  12. Ill Wind (Arlen-Koehler)
    This lesser heard Harold Arlen ballad offers a haunting weave of voice and trumpet, from the 1934 musical Cotton Club Parade.
  13. Puttin On The Ritz/Istanbul (Berlin/Kennedy-Simon)
    Ritz, another tune that recalls Fred Astaire (or Mel Brooks) begins this medley. It evolves into the Four Lad's pop hit Istanbul, providing Bob a chance to explore the drum kit's lower depths. Ritz returns a whole step higher to bring us home. Doggone that gong.
  14. Rock Me To Sleep (B. Carter-Vandervoost II)
    Written by jazz great Benny Carter. Elizabeth croons this not only in performance, but at bedtime to lull her little ones off to dreamland.

Elizabeth Hersey - Vocals
Bill DeKuiper - Guitar, Vocals Phil Richardson - Violin, Vocals
Jack the saxist Schaeffer - Saxes, Clarinet Jim Gammon - Trumpet
Blake Richardson - String Bass
Bob Belanski - Drums

Arranged by Bill DeKuiper & Hot House
Produced by Bill DeKuiper, Elizabeth Hersey & Phil Richardson
Recorded and Mastered at Laughing Tiger Studios, San Rafael, CA January 2000
Engineer - Ari Rios
Graphic Layout and Design - Solomon's Design Studio
Art - Otto Dix 1927
Wardrobe - Salvation Army, Bargain Box, Goodwill
Special Thanks - Sandy, Carol, Henry, Arthur, Lucy, Alden, Jane & Turo, Judy, Kyra, Mike Shea, Tom Shader, John Goodman, Mike Wollenberg, Alex Bryant, Jack Hossfeld, Phil Moore, Marc Bonilla, Richard Hadlock, Queen for a Day 1964
Elizabeth dedicates this music to the spirit of her brother Rick.

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